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“So what is it actually like working as a  Driving Instructor”?

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“So what is it actually like working as a  Driving Instructor”?

There are many reasons why you may want to make that career change. Perhaps your current job isn’t as fulfilling or as challenging as it once was? Or maybe you will be facing possible redundancy in the near future and wish to have a stable job to fall back on. There is no being stuck in a stuffy office all day, you will be out and meeting new people all the time. Driving Instructors find that it’s a fantastically sociable job. There is a great sense of satisfaction when pupils pass the driving test so it’s also a personally rewarding one too! Whatever your reasons there could never be a better time than now to think about making that change.

Rookie Driver parents home picThe chance to be in control of your future and choose the days and hours that you work is something that most people never have the luxury of, being able to take holidays when you decide and to be financially rewarded for your efforts instead of making money for a boss is scarce in modern times.

Of course another major benefit of this occupation is a company car paid for by your customers.

To make all of this become a reality, you will first need to become a fully qualified driving instructor and receive the help and support to survive in  a very competitive industry.

Our Success is Driven by you… 

We differ from most training providers, because instead of simply providing ‘x’ amount of training hours for ‘x’ amount of pounds, we feel that we are investing in our time together to build a long and very successful partnership that will give you the career that you desire and it will give us another valuable member of our local franchised team.

As a Driving Instructor you will be valued for your skills and knowledge. We will teach you those specialist skills that shall put you in good stead for a career as a Driving Instructor.

Rookie Driver Driving300pxPicBeware…

Many driving school instructor training companies operate a conveyor belt system of training, churning out poorly trained instructors with no help or ongoing support which is crucial if you are to survive in a very competitive industry. The national qualification rate is very poor with only one in four candidates actually acheiving qualification.

Before taking up a course or studying to become an ADI you should download and read the ADI14 starter pack from the Driving Standards Agency. The download contains essential information and the application forms required to join the ADI register. DOWNLOAD NOW ADI14 Starter Pack