ADI Process Part 1

Rookie Driver DVD in carThis examination lasts for 90 minutes and consists of 100 multiple choice questions which are grouped into four bands:-

Band 1:- 

Road Procedure                = 25 questions


Rookie Driver parents home pic            Band 2:-

                    Traffic Signs & Signals        =    5 questions

                    Pedestrians                          =    5 questions

                    Car Control                           =   10 questions

                    Mechanical Knowledge      =    5  questions


Band 3:-Rookie Driver Instructor in car pic

Law                                    =   10 questions

Driving Test                      =   10 questions

Disabilities                        =     5 questions


Band 4:-

Instructional Techniques       = 15 questions

Publications                            = 10 questions


The overall pass mark is 85%

But you must also gain at least 80% (20/25) in each of the four  bands.

(If you only score 19 out of 25 in any of the four bands then you fail, even if every other question in the exam is correct, so it would be possible to fail with a score of 94%)

Because of the test consisting of 100 questions there is scope to test you on very precise or minute detail, so you must ensure that you have an excellent knowledge of all the subjects.