ADI Process Part 2

Test Of Driving Ability…Rookie Driver Driving300pxPic


1 hour (approx)

Conducted by:-

Driving Standards Agency Driving Test Area Manager or Specially Trained Driving Standards  Agency Senior Driving Examiners or Driving Standards Agency Driving Examiners

Specific Requirements:-

Read a number plate at a distance of:- 27.5 metres (90 feet) (Pre sept 2001 numberplates) 26.5 metres (87 feet) (Post sept 2001 numberplates)

Basic Car Maintenance Questions (Show Me / Tell Me)

Emergency Stop, Hill Start, Angle Start, Turn in the Road, Reverse to the Left Reverse to the Right, Reverse Parking (either on the road or in a car park)

Roads Used:-driver

Urban, Rural, & Motorway,

Standard Required:-

One Dangerous Fault FAILURE,  One Serious Fault FAILURE,  Seven Driving Faults FAILURE,  Six or Less Driving Faults PASS

This is an advanced driving test and the examiner is looking for an extremely high standard, an expert driver.

If this test is failed three times, you will not be allowed another attempt, you must wait until 2 years have elapsed since passing the ADI Part 1 Examination, and then start the qualifying process again by retaking the ADI Part 1 Examination.