ADI Process Part 3


Test Of Ability To Instruct…Rookie Driver new girl for Banners


Duration:- 1 hour (approx)


Conducted by:- Driving Standards Agency Supervising Examiner


Test Structure:- The test is divided into two 30 minute parts, and is a role play exercise.

In the first part the Examiner will take on the role of a learner driver with little or no driving experience.

In the second part the Examiner will take on the role of either someone at about driving test standard, or a full licence holder, requiring further tuition.

Your performance on each exercise will be marked separately, you must pass both parts on the same test. In assessing your performance the Examiner will assess and mark the following:-

Lesson Content, (Dependant on Subject) Core Competencies, Identification of Faults, Fault Analysis, Remedial Action,

Instructional Techniques, Level of Instruction, Planning, Control of Lesson, Communication, Question & Answer Techniques, Feedback & Encouragement, Instructors use of Controls, Instructor Characteristics, Attitude and Approach to Pupil.

This Test must be passed within 2 years of passing the ADI Part 1 Examination, if not you must start the qualifying process again by retaking the ADI Part 1 Examination.

If this test is failed three times, you will not be allowed another attempt, you must wait until 2 years have elapsed since passing the ADI Part 1 Examination ,and then start the qualifying process again by retaking the ADI Part 1 Examination.

The subjects that you may be asked to teach on this test are divided into ten preset combinations:

Nationally the pass rate for this test is well below 30%, this is due to the difficulty of the test, and the inadequate and insufficient training that many candidates obtain.

To ensure that you will pass this test, and that you will make a good Driving Instructor, we will ensure that you understand and can apply good teaching principles, that you understand how people learn, and can apply this information to help you to teach effectively, we will also ensure that you can apply the different practical skills needed by a Driving Instructor.

Rookie Driver parents home picYou will also be given detailed notes on every subject that you will be required to teach, and each subject will also be covered thoroughly “in car”.

All training will be conducted on a one to one basis.

Your course can be shortened, extended, or the content altered, and more or less time may be spent on each subject in order to tailor the course to suit your needs.

We recommend that training sessions are spaced sufficiently apart to allow time in between to practice and consolidate the material covered during the sessions, and also to prepare for the next training session.

At the rate of one training session per week the course would take approximately 15 weeks to complete, two sessions per week would take approximately 8 weeks to complete.