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“What’s it really like orking as a Driving Instructor”?

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“Why Should You Train To Be An Instructor With Rookie Driver”?

We have not been able to achieve massive growth in our business in the last two years by cutting corners or being the same as everyone else. Always remember that you are not just buying a training package, you are buying a new career and a new lifestyle. It should however be noted that not everybody will be suited to becoming a driving instructor. Many driving schools will just sign you up and take your money, it may be far into your training before you realise that being an instructor is not for you and that you have lost all your money. We will only start the training process once we have had an indepth conversation with you, informing you of all the areas to consider. After we have had the decussion and you have confirmed that you wish to proceed you will then be invited to take an evaluation drive so that we can evaluate your current driving skills and let you know the level of work you will need to put in to pass the part 2 and part 3 driving standards agency tests, (see our Tab The ADI Overview for further information) We will also at the same time give a demonstration drive to show you the standard you will need to acheive to become a driving instructor.

Will you get all the below benefits from any other local training school!!!

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tickEnsure maximum value for your money when you train with our very experienced AA and ORDIT registered  trainer. All part 2 & 3 tuition will be in car and on a one to one basis.


tickBe assured of our personal attention at all times . Absolutely NO car sharing .Many training companies place two or three trainees per vehicle which means you may only receive a third of your training hours on a one to one basis.


tickNO risk training with a full guarantee refund available at any time. Any training time not used will be refunded. A guarantee of this kind is very rare in this industry and some of the leading training companies like RED have been featured on BBC watch dog and rip off Britain.


tickGuaranteed position in your chosen area with Rookie Driver School of Motoring once qualified. Benefit from full helpRookie Driver actual car, support and personal development when you need it most.


tickYou will benefit from extensive help during the part one study. We have an outstanding part one study guide that will ensure you extract the maximum information from your home study.

tickFor your part two you will benefit from 14 hours of in car tuition to place you in the top 1% of drivers in the country. Driving techniques have changed enormously over the years and you will be brought up to date with the latest modern driving skills.


tickYou’ll benefit from extensive training (40 hours) at part three and this is where one to one training really makes the difference. Sharing a car with other trainees is not a smart move. You are basically diluting your training.  Some Trainers will argue that you benefit from watching fellow trainees but no two people are the same. You need and will get full and undivided attention.


tickOnce qualified, you will have the opportunity to become a key member of our team. We are only small but still one of the most successful andslide2 innovative driving schools in the area and have experienced massive growth in the last two years when many of our competitors are struggling to survive.


tickYou will benefit from extensive personal development on an individual basis. Some Driving Schools will take your franchise fee each month without offering you any type of development training. Personal development is key to your success in this industry.


tickBenefit from a new fully branded car of your choice every 12 months and make MOT’s a thing of the past. No more Sunday mornings spent under the car trying to patch it up.

Before taking up a course or studying to become an ADI you should download and read the ADI14 starter pack from the Driving Standards Agency. The download contains essential information and the application forms required to join the ADI register. DOWNLOAD NOW ADI14 Starter Pack

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